Standing in the Gap

I have quite an affinity for the stories found in the prophets of the Old Testament.  I love reading about the infidelity of Israel, the crimes of Jerusalem, the abominations, the exile, and the symbolism.

Oh, what drama!!!  Israel just doesn’t understand the love of God!

It is interesting to read these Old Testament stories and learn from them about our current culture.  We are surrounded with immorality, isolation, loneliness, and indifference, much like the Israelites.  So often we forget the tender love of God and His wisdom.  I am reminded of the line from the prophet Ezekiel 22:30 where God is looking for someone to “stand in the gap.”  He is looking for someone to recognize His love, but He is also looking for someone to understand modern day struggles, and to be that bridge between the two.

Currently, I see the youth looking to their peers and the media for guidance.  This may lead to a misunderstanding of life, love and relationship. Like the people of Israel, the youth of today often view moral teachings as a form of oppression and reject them rather than rejoice in the freedom that comes from loving God.  As Christians, we are called to stand in this gap.  We are called to know the love of God and yet to recognize the struggles our brothers and sisters have.  We are to act with the greatest charity by redirecting hearts and minds to embrace the freedom afforded by virtue.  As the Education Coordinator at Carolyn’s Place, it is a blessing to be that bridge, to stand in the gap, to point the youth to a better way and remind them of the love God has for them.

In Christ our life,



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