Since beginning as the Education Coordinator in January 2018, I have spoken with over 800 youth and adults about healthy relationships, love, chastity, respect, responsibility, upholding the sanctity of life, and the dignity of the person.   The feedback has been overwhelming and I would like to share some of that with you.

At St. John of the Cross, I talked about dating, abstinence and chastity.  After the talk, one young lady said “Thank you so much for confirming all the things about chastity that my mother has been telling me.  People don’t teach us that.  It is so good to know other people still believe in purity and it is an option for us.”  At St. Francis Xavier, there was a mother who told me that her daughter felt that the talk I gave on chastity and abstinence was the best CCD class she had ever attended.  At St. Paul High School, there was a boy who gave me a hug after the class and expressed his gratitude for the presentation.  His teacher explained to me that this boy had never actively participated in class before that day and was completely surprised that he hugged me and was shocked at his enthusiasm for the discussion.

Our youth are hungry for the truth and it is evident that they mostly do not have access to truthful, accurate information about their bodies and relationships.  There are more talks planned yet so much more needs to be done.  It would be helpful to have an education team at Carolyn’s Place.  A group of people who are passionate about teaching our youth and adults about life.  If God is speaking to you right now, if you feel a burning in your heart, call/text or email 203-695-3999 or to talk about volunteering to be a part of a team to empower this generation.  There are many ways to help.

I would like to leave you with more inspiring feedback from some letters I received from the students at St. Paul High School:

“Thank you for coming to speak to us.  You opened my eyes to a lot of different subjects, such as abortion, pregnancy, and faith.  You taught me that a child is always a gift no matter if they were planned or not.  We are never alone.  We have people to help us if we need someone.  God has a plan for all of us.  We might not expect it, but we are blessed with the gifts He gives to us.  Thank you ♥”

~St. Paul, Senior


“Thank you very much for coming to us.  Many of the things you shared were truly touching and made me fall in love with Carolyn’s Place.  How selfless you all are.  The fact that you all give so much and take so little is rare and beautiful.  Thank you so much for all you do and your passion goes such a long way.”

~Love, Rachael


“I enjoyed your company, you taught us that all life matters and all life should deserve to live.  You also taught us that we all have a purpose and a home to come to if we are in trouble.”

~St. Paul, Senior


“Thank you for coming to speak to us about the wonderful ministry of Carolyn’s Place.  Your stories were very moving and humbling, and I gained a greater appreciation of the ministry and for my relationship with God.  God bless you.”

~Sincerely, Noah


“I thought your presentation today was inspiring.  I learned about what Carolyn’s Place is and does.  I learned how you reach out to mothers and fathers in need and it also deepened my understanding of how important and sacred life is.”

~Sincerely, Ben


“I think it’s great that you come out to places like St. Paul’s to spread news about Carolyn’s Place & its mission.  What Carolyn’s Place does for others is amazing and I believe it is something God would want people to do to help others.”



“Thank you for coming in on Friday to talk about Carolyn’s Place.  The presentation was helpful & I learned new interesting things about it.  The idea on how Carolyn’s Place started all from the inspiration of a girl named Carolyn is truly amazing.  I find the pregnancy center as a helpful & unique place.  You guys are doing great and I’m glad that there’s a place where they help us females come to the understanding of what abortion is, what are some other ways to give away the baby instead of abortion, and that we are not alone!”



“I was very interested and impressed with the presentation you did for my class.  It made me more interested about what you do…I understand that God has called you to do this.  I also understand that because of you, abortion will grow smaller in this world.”


“Does someone have to count every single coin that you collect from the baby bottle drive?”


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