New Education Director and First Post

Hi! My name is Emily, I am the newly hired (as of the end of June) Education Director. Apologies for not posting sooner but, I have been formulating! Please find the excerpt below (my first writing for Carolyn’s Place) which was included in our quarterly newsletter. More blogging to follow!


Thank you for your time in reading this newsletter! I am Emily, the new education director at Carolyn’s Place. For the last two months, I have been working on strategies to promote a culture of life and love. Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any comments or questions.

“ It is my prayer that whoever takes over this position will have great success, because in a world of spiritual, moral, and ethical confusion, as well as a growing epidemic of false love and broken hearts, the role of the Director of Education is now more essential than ever before.”

What I would like to point out about the previous Director’s ending prayer, which is one of importance, is that the spiritual, moral and ethical confusion created the epidemic of false love and broken hearts. No doubt, the plight of common culture today is a harsh reality. Evident in our media and collective choices are a lack of respect for truth, love and life. One need not look far to see the fruits of a self-imploding society. Those entrusted with caring for the gift of life, choose to destroy it both at the earliest stages of conception, to the vulnerable, at the end of life. Not to mention, this self-destructive mentality has become the socialistic norm. Nevertheless, just because society distorts truth, goodness and beauty does not mean they go away!

What is important to remember, when humanity faces the violence of a culture addicted to death, is that there is hope. We must try, at all costs, to stir up a culture of Life and Love. That is my hope for this position, now and always. Everyone longs for happiness, and happiness is secured by sacrificial, meaning ‘self-donating’ love. What needs to be addressed, from the position of Director of Education, is this ‘epidemic of false love.’ When humans, including the teens or tweens I educate, do not understand what real love is, they suffer exponentially. I feel a moral responsibility to dedicate my time here to share the good news: the truth about love. The truth is that, real love frees a person and makes them more human, and likewise at peace with themselves. It is this ‘peace,’ that can only exist in a person who is practicing self-donating love. May we all realize and witness to others that this love is never too far from us!


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