Yes, you read those last two words correctly. 

 As the Education Director at Carolyn’s Place, a large part of my job entails developing and implementing programs on abstinence, self-respect, and healthy relationships for children, teens, and young adults.  However, Carolyn’s Place is well aware that it is not enough to just talk about these subjects for an hour or two and then walk away.  There needs to be on-going dialogue, and there needs to be encouragement for those young people who desire to live or are living a life of purity.  That’s where the iPad comes in.  From now until 11:59 pm on August 23, 2014, teens and young adults can join Carolyn’s Place’s first official chastity contest and compete to win a brand new iPad!  

All of the details for the contest can be found via the link below.  Please note that there is no cost to join, and that participants will have to film themselves answering questions about the importance of chastity in their lives.  No video will be shared publicly unless permission is granted. Please also note that anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian fill out the permission form on page 5.  GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!



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