Adoption – The Option of Adoption

Couple with BabyAdoption is a very special gift. It is the gift of life to both the baby and the couple who will love and raise the child. Unfortunately, many mothers won’t consider adoption because they can’t imagine giving their baby away, yet they are unable to be a single parent. For the father, marriage may not be is a feasible option. In many instances, women don’t choose adoption out of fear or embarrassment.

At Carolyn’s Place Pregnancy Care Center, we can help you work through adoption. We have a trained adoption specialist on staff, who can answer all of your questions and provide you with the support you need. Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. Today the birth mother is respected and empowered. She chooses the parents she wants for her child from resumes and interviews. The birth families and adoptive families get to know each other and often become friends during the pregnancy. Together they agree upon the right degree of openness for after the baby is born. Find out more about adoption. Call Carolyn’s Place at 203 597-9050.

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