Six Little Words…Two Special Lives

The story below appeared in our Summer 2011 Newsletter.

At 10 PM on a cold Sunday night in January, the Carolyn’s Place hotline rang and a young female voice said, “Hi, this is Angela, and I heard you help people who are going to have a baby.”

“That’s right,” responded Carolyn’s Place Client Director Ellen. “How can I help you?”

The timid voice questioned, “You go to the hospital with girls, right?”


“Would you come with me?”

“Yes, when are you due?”

“I am in labor right now.”

Ellen instructed the young girl to head to the hospital where she would meet her. Ellen had just completed an evening talk to a Confirmation class in Bristol, so she immediately headed for the hospital in Waterbury.

Ellen arrived at the hospital to find a frightened fourteen-year-old girl alone and about to give birth. That is when Ellen’s nineteen years of experience “kicked in” to what she does best, giving unconditional support to help this child go through labor and delivery. No questions, no judgments made, just help keep a young girl calm while she brought a new life into the world.

Several hours later Angela gave birth to a healthy baby boy. She courageously chose to place him with a loving adoptive family. Carolyn’s Place remained by Angela’s side providing emotional support for days following the birth. The hospital social worker was able to track down Angela’s parents out of state. She was a runaway, and her parents had spent many agonizing months unable to locate her. They were joyfully and tearfully reunited to try and pick up the pieces to re-establish their family and be a part of their daughter’s teenage years again. We found out that Angela had heard about Carolyn’s Place from a student at one of the Waterbury high schools who had participated in our Respect, Responsibility Education Program.

It won’t be easy for Angela and there will be many challenges, but thanks to that one phone call and the response, “Carolyn’s Place, may I help you?” two young lives are united with loving families.

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