Taking Baby Steps Toward a Better Life – Part 4

by Joy Savulak

And how could we ever forget about Valeria who we met through our Earn While You Learn program? Determined to keep her baby from the get-go, Valeria made it exceedingly clear through her dismissive attitude that she was solely attending the parenting classes to earn a crib and other supplies for her baby. At the end of the six-week program, Valeria had indeed earned her supplies, but we at Carolyn’s Place earned something much more rare and valuable: her trust.

You see, in her nineteen years, Valeria could never trust anyone. She had recently moved to Connecticut to be near her biological father, a drug addict whose influence likely initiated Valeria’s own struggles with addiction and the law. Scared and alone, Valeria built walls around herself that only God could demolish. When  she realized that Carolyn’s Place truly cared for her as a person, the real Valeria – a sweet girl who just waned to be loved – emerged. Drug-free since her pregnancy, she is the proud mother of a two-year old and is engaged to be married.

These beautiful families – and hundreds of other Carolyn’s Place clients just like them – experienced first-hand God’s power to change hearts and lives. It takes a great deal of courage for these young women to trust and accept God’s new, and often challenging plan, and we are incredibly proud of each of their accomplishments and successes.

*All names changed to protect the identity of our clients.

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