Taking Baby Steps Towards a Better Life – Pt. 1

by Joy Savulak??????????????????????????

Nineteen year-old Ruth walked through the doors of Carolyn’s Place with the weight of the world resting on her shoulders. Pregnant and in a relationship with an emotionally abusive drug addict, Ruth was about to make the most important decision of her life. She was quite certain that an abortion was the only solution that made sense, yet something compelled her to reach out to Carolyn’s Place before she finalized her choice. Ruth’s heart was miraculously changed through God’s intervention. Rather than terminate the life that grew inside of her, she decided very day to begin a new life for herself-and her baby.

Ruth immediately severed ties with her boyfriend and soon registered in online college courses in writing. Twice weekly, she would visit Carolyn’s Place-the one place where she was shown unconditional love and support-to show off her precious daughter and her latest piece of writing. In the ten years since we first met Ruth, we have been proud to watch her blossom into a confident, deeply spiritual woman, who is blessed with a loving husband and several more beautiful children.

Throughout our twenty years of operation, we’ve met hundreds of young women and men living among circumstances too difficult and complex to fathom. Choosing to raise a baby, while pursuing a better way of life, is a tremendous and courageous commitment. We at Carolyn’s Place are constantly amazed at our clients’ immense grit and determination to improve their children’s futures-and their own lives.

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