All about “Earn While you Learn”


Our “Earn While You Learn Program” (EWYL) is a program that Carolyn’s Place hosts right here at our Center. It is designed to provide mothers-to-be and dads, with critical basic childbirth preparation and parenting skills, while they earn items they need for the care of their baby. The client earns vouchers for attending the six-week program and completing any “homework” assignments. These vouchers may be redeemed for cribs, car seats, diapers, baby clothes and other items. In addition to providing the client with valuable skills and information, the program builds community and a support system while fostering responsibility.

Each program typically culminates with a home cooked dinner where the group sits together and enjoys the bond and fellowship of a shared meal, in the hope that this tradition will carry over to their homes and children. The photos above were taken at an Earn While You Learn Reunion where the parents, with their newborn children, were able to reconnect and compare notes. In keeping with our mission statement of providing “…education, comfort and assistance…” Carolyn’s Place thinks it is important for their clients to have an understanding and knowledge of both the physical and emotional needs of their baby as he/she grows  and becomes a part of the family unit. Although we do provide many items to clients we strongly urge anybody who comes to us to participate in this important program. Throughout the years we have cultivated relationships, and as a result, have been able to watch many of these children as they grow. It is such a blessing to see these young families!

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